The Story

Sarjita was new to Phoenix and searching for where all the cool kids hung out. Meanwhile, Maulik was minding his own business in Old Town Scottsdale. When she met our friend Shair, also known as the jolly brown giant, during one of his rotations at Phoenix Children's Hospital, he introduced us to each other around Thanksgiving 2005 at the one, the only Axis Radius. Without a clue as to who he had just met, Maulik teased her, then asked her to teach him some dance moves. Months passed with a little chatting here, a little IM'ing there. The next summer, they started hanging out at barbecues and pool parties; really getting to know each other. Then came Navratri 2006, the beginning of a new beginning. They started doing things together; small things at first, like eating dinner and bigger things later, like celebrating birthdays. The families met and it became very clear -- they were to spend the rest of their lives together.

Plans for the proposal came together like it was meant to be. After having a fancy dinner at a fancy resort, the server led them to table on a little island in the middle of a pond. There, lit with exploding candles, was a table dressed as a peacock. Before they ate their desserts, Maulik had a few things to say and ended with a question. Sarjita answered yes, Maulik slipped a ring onto her finger and they ate gelato. Before noon the next day, they had rushed off to Disneyland to celebrate the new beginning.